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FarOFFa was born in 2019 from a provocation from MITsp - São Paulo International Theatre Festival: that there should be an "off scene", a show that ran in parallel and was an alternative for the public and programmers.


So, from this first provocation/experience and the ones that followed, the concept of FarOFFA was transformed into what it is and what it isn't: FarOFFa is not a theatre festival, nor a dance show, but it has a bit of all of that. The OFF, which made up its spelling, which was at the heart of its concept, has also changed, we don't just have the Off of a big show, which is why in 2024 Farofa will return in another face-to-face action, abandoning its OFF character and opening up more space for what we don't know yet.


Doubts aside, FAROFA is, each time, a plunge into questioning the way we look at and do the performing arts, it is, first and foremost, about bringing people together, whatever they may be. Each edition arises from the needs and urgencies that the production perceives and reads around it. Our gaze is based on the production. At the moment, Farofa is looking to build language in the production of the performing arts. It wants to place production at the centre of the discussion and resolution of the issues surrounding creation, opening up space to think about the distribution, circulation and mediation of the living arts with society. In 2024, we continue to investigate the artistic process, seeking to bring focus to what is behind the scene, and especially to time, something that has been stolen from us and is increasingly lacking!

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