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Pau-Brasil Doll  
Process lapses


Brazil dick doll_edited.jpg
"BONECA PAU-BRASIL - lapses of process" is a dismantling performance that brings splinters, chips, sparks of the creation process of the show "Boneca Pau-Brasil" by artist Marina Mathey, with direction by Tarina Quelho. The project - that in 2022 revisits and critically revisits Brazilian modernisms through a music album, video clips and a show/performance - brings in this performance some clippings that constitute the basis of this creation still in process, discussing the sexual and territorial extractivism of a transvestite corps in Brazil and the potencies of prosperity of this Latin identity.

Performer: Marina Mathey
Directed by: Tarina Quelho
Stylist: Marcio Banfi
Assistant Stylist: Indra Haretrava
Percussionist: Caê
Bass Player: Breno Barros
DURATION: 40 minutes
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