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KOMBI - Fragments of a tropical imaginary

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Welcome to the Kombi!


Between 11th and 13th of August, FarOFFa organizes KOMBI - Fragments of a tropical imaginary, a program to bring together performing arts professionals with the aim of promoting the meeting and opening doors to new partnerships, collaborations and ways of working.

Those interested in participating should register until August 13th - 10 AM (BRT).

The Kombi Program consists of 2 actions:


Through 3 meetings, we invited performing arts professionals from Brazil and several other countries to discuss and present points of view about their performance in pandemic times and their perspectives in the field of cultural action, alongside with the audience.

08/11 (Tuesday) - 10am to 12pm (Brasilia Time) – Is Cuidadoria* a way to build possible futures? 

Confirmed participants: Cecilia Kuska (Buenos Aires - Argentina), Felipe de Assis (Salvador - Brazil), MJ Chung (Seoul - South Korea) and Vanessa Viscarra (Lima - Peru)

Mediation: Pedro de Freitas (São Paulo - Brazil)

*Cuidadoria is a pun with the words curatorship and care in Portuguese.


08/12 (Wednesday) - 10am to 12pm (Brasilia Time)- How to trace a new ethics of making things together?

Confirmed participants: Alejandro Clavier (Lima - Peru), Andrea Caruso Saturnino (São Paulo - Brazil) and Iva Horvat (Barcelona - Spain)

Mediation: Luh Mazza (São Paulo - Brazil)


08/13 (Thursday) - 10am to 12pm (Brasilia Time) - Do we need a new Common?

Confirmed participants: Camila Urioste (Sucre - Bolivia), Carmen Romero (Santiago - Chile), Cordelia Grieson (London - England) Damian Cervantes (Ciudad de Mexico - México) and Gerardo Salinas (Brussels - Belgium)

Mediation: Celso Curi (São Paulo - Brazil)


40 shows, of different languages, that present a large sample of Brazilian artistic production and will offer the public a possibility of watching shows in repertoire, as well as historical productions.

Download KOMBI's showcase catalogue in Portuguese (click here) and Spanish and English (click here)

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