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Return letter - paranoid  or mystification?

VOLCANO [creation and scenic research]

Letter-Response chooses as trigger the trajectory of Anita Malfatti who received a critique published by Monteiro Lobato - an article known as Paranoia or Mistification? written years before the Week of 22. Based on this unanswered criticism at the time, the artists present a scenic letter-answer: a performance piece, a bridge between women of different generations, with a touch of autobiography to expose issues that speak to the female artist of 2022.
Dramaturgy: Angela Ribeiro
Directed by: Vanessa Bruno
Creators: Angela Ribeiro, Nathalia Gouveia, Sol Faganello and Vanessa Bruno
Realization: VULCÃO [creation and scenic research]
DURATION: 30 minutes
CLASSIFICATION: 16 years old
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