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D e l i r i u m  O f  w o r d s

Theater Collective Heteronyms

Second work of the project Failure and Resistance in which the collective has been investigating these two concepts for four years in a friction between our perceptions of the country's history and the works of playwright Anton Chekhov. In the first part of the project, we created the work that premiered in 2019, Seagull: what is the gesture of a dream?, in which the collective investigated the possibilities of collective action after the failure of a dream. It was from this point that we entered the second material, the work The Three Sisters, and that we understood the importance of investigating the devices of memory and its relationship with collective practice.
Actors and Actresses Collective: Alexandra Tavares, Ametonyo Silva, Angélica di Paula, Caio Caldas, Felipe Rocha, Filipe Peixoto, Kinda Marques, Lívia de Souza, Marcela Grandolpho and Naia Soares
Sound Dramaturgy: Eduardo Joly
Dramaturgy: O Coletivo
Directed by: Felipe Rocha
Graphic Art: Brendo Trolesi
Production: Corpo Rastreado
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