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11th - 16th August  2020


“For the great majority of animals, dividing means destroying; whilst with plants, dividing means multiplying”

                                                                                                                             Stefano Mancuso



FarOFFa no Sofa is FarOFFa’s digital version . In this edition we invite the public to sit on the sofa at their homes; yes, on the sofa, in a very comfortable way!

Facing an unprecedented pandemic, we now understand more and more the importance of building a network. However, it is necessary to reflect beyond this moment, and also when a “new world” arrives.

We have now incorporated the arrival of new changes. Other paradigms give us an opportunity to reflect on how we worked on autopilot, how we accepted an oppressive way of operating. We are reviewing the timing of things, quantities, ways of doing them and, for us, the main objective is to find out whom to do it with.

We will continue having presentations in the morning, afternoon and evening, as we see that these different times bring a greater possibility of interaction with the audience.

For this edition of Faroffa, we have brought artists, producers and technicians together to raise funds for those in need in this pandemic: the backstage of the theater scene and institutions that support people of extreme vulnerability are out of work and have no prospect of future projects.

There will be 6 days of intense programming, with several artists showing their work, without any commitment to their originality. These times show us that the history and trajectory of artists need more attention.

Welcome to your home sweet home, thank you for letting us in, and Stay home !

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FarOFFa team:
Alba Roque, Aline Mohamad, Ariane Cuminale, Bruno Garcia, Danusa Carvalho, David Costa, Gabi Gonçalves, Gisely Alves, Graciane Diniz, Gustavo Valezzi, José Rodrigues Cinegra, Leonardo Devitto, Ludmilla Picosque, Malú BalzanT, Monique Vaillé, Murilo Chevalier, Natasha Bueno, Nicole Aun, Pedro de Freitas, Rebecca Rocha, Ricardo Suzart, Rodrigo Fidelis, Tamara Andrade, Thaís Cris and Thaís Venitt.

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