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4, 5, 4, 3...One step at a time

Cynthia Margareth

On the way towards the abyss of the scene, Cynthia Margareth disassembles herself in layers, giving the origin of her procedures as a producer to be seen; while stripping herself bare, she reveals that her craft is deeply anchored in the girl she was, the mother she is, the woman she throws herself. Her work is based on her capacity to articulate people, ideas, dreams, and lived experiences, which are transformed into knowledge, method, and action. But also, and very much so, in the belief that life should be celebrated and lived with every conquest, every birthday, every mistake, in the intensity and confidence of the fall.
Acting: Cynthia Margareth
Dramaturgy: Cynthia Margareth and Isis Madi
Research and Script Direction: Ana Cristina Colla and Raquel Scotti Hirson (LUME Teatro)
Directed by: Luiza Moreira Salles, Isis Madi, Náshara Silveira
Assistant Directors: Maria Loverra and Jaya Batista
Costumes: Cynthia Margareth and Adriana Barreto
Prop designer: Adriana Barreto
Lighting design: Eduardo Albergaria
Soundtrack: Barulhista and Pedro Felicio 
Projection Images: Alessandro Soave Poeta
Image Editing: Maria Loverra
DURATION: 50 minutes
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