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Anchored in three comedies by Aristophanes, (The Tesmoforiants, Lysistrata and The Women in the Assembly), AGORA is a three-frame tour of the contemporary public square: the internet and the space between virtual-tangible-real. Passing through the trial of a women's assembly, the incitement of a sex strike, and a supposedly revolutionary infiltration, the characters in these paintings spout verbiage about cancellation, gender, transgeneracy, beauty, labor, and class in today's world. When our struggles, vanities, and intellects end up tangled in the middle of this current version of the Greek agora, where are we headed?
Dramaturgy: Dea Araujo 
Actresses: Adriana Miranda, Andreya Sá, Danielle Farnezi, Dea Araujo and Gabriela Mafud
Directed by: Maria Emília Faganello
DURATION: 60 minutes 
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