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Loves that______Q

Tranzborde Research Center

Loves that _____
3rd Movement
Love Romanty-ku
Two movements unfold. In the first, Nerds of romantic love are
evoked and at the same time "dethroned. On their bodies they carry
movement phrases for each element of the conservation of romanticizations.
In the second, everyday and contemporary. They are launched into an endless Brazilian
nigth vibes without end. Investigating social performance codes,
sustain the infinite reproduction of this romantic search.
- You know, I dreamed about you....
- How did it go?
General Direction: Oru Florydo
Communication: Anderson Vieira
Executive Producer: Yaga Goya
Designer: Stefan Medeiros
Visual Identity: Nu Abe and Oru Florydo
Sound Investigations: Bibi de Bibi and Yalla Kala
Light Research: Serafim
Performers: Bibi de Bibi, Gabs Ambròzia, Bruxa Travesti, Laian Lara, Nu Abe and Menine Negre
Costume and Props: Italo Iago
DURATION: 50 minutes
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