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The death of the star

The Boat of Dionysus

The Death of the Star_edited.png
THE STAR'S DEATH is a stage performance in a triptych format. It is composed of three stations, which will be presented individually, provoking an immersion in multiple aspects of the central theme: the failure of the theatrical representation system, with the removal of the centrality of the human figure in hegemonic modes of scenic production, translated into the social persona of the "star".
Actress-creators: Lúcia Romano, Fernanda Haucke and Thais Dias
Original Soundtrack Composition, Music Direction and Arrangements: Natalia Mallo
Art Direction, Scenography and Costumes: Carla Caffé
Light Design: Cibele Forjaz
Dramaturgy: Part 1: Vana Medeiros; Part 2: Lúcia Romano, Cibele Forjaz and Lu Favoretto; and Part 3: Cláudia Schapira
Body Preparation and Movement Direction: Lu Favoretto
Video: Manoela Rabinovitch (Manu) Listen!
Production Direction: Corpo Rastreado
Executive Production: Jack dos Santos
General and Staging: Part 1: Natalia Mallo; Part 2: Lu Favoretto; and Part 3: Cibele Forjaz
Assistant Director: Luciana Azevedo
Conception: Lúcia Romano - BARCA DE DIONISOS
Realization: Centro de Empreendimentos Artísticos Barca Ltda
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