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Robson Catalunha, Daia Moura, Hércules Soares and Douglas Emílio

Merging theater, dance, installation, performance and virtual reality, "Entre" has, at its base, authorial research about the relations of the human body in its most diverse relationships. 
"The very name of the work suggests several readings, from the relationship of affection between participants, to the fact that the approaches are between different languages," explains the creator and director of the project, Robson Catalunha.
Direction: Robson Catalunha 
Performers: Daia Moura, Douglas Emílio and Hércules Soares  
Participants: Tania Soares, Helen Soares and Nilson Madureira de Almeida.
Artistic Provocateur: Cleide Riva Campelo 
Light Consulting: Roberto Gill Camargo 
Art Director: Felipe Cruz 
Art Team: Ketlyn Azevedo and Marcelo Simões
Makeup: Be Hemp
Original Soundtrack: Henrique Ravelli
General Coordinator and Production Director: Andressa Moreira
Producer: Rafael Ferraz
Photographers: Tiago Macambira, Thiago Roma and Adriano Sobral
Virtual Reality and Video Capture Consultant: André Stefano
Video Editor: Rodrigo Rímoli
DURATION: 30 minutes
CLASSIFICATION: 16 years old
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