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Collective Occupation

The occupation collectivA provokes a new upheaval in this opening process: the transfiguration of our bodies into creatures of different times and cosmologies. Bodies in eruption, enchanted bodies, beings that sustain the world so that it doesn't end. What eruptions can occur in the present? 
In a moment of catastrophes, the colectivA resumes the scene, resumes the ground after almost two years, producing forms of enchantment with other allies - human and non-human.
Dramaturgy: collectivA occupation
Directed by: Martha Kiss Perrone
Performance and Creation: Abraão Kimberley, DJ Akinn, Alicia Esteves, Ariane Aparecida
Benedito Beatriz, Gabriêle Fernandes, Ícaro Pio, Lara Júlia, Letícia Karen, Lilith Cristina
Marcela Jesus, Mel Oliveira, Matheus Maciel, Ph Veríssimo e Shao
Light: Benedito Beatriz
Light Operator: Lux Machado
Sound and Live Performance: Shao
Production: Paula Serra, Gabi Gonçalves_Corpo Rastreado and coletivA ocupação
Costume Collaboration: Juan Duarte
Support: Ansarah Sock Depot and Eduardo Ansarah
DURATION: 30 minutes 
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