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HILEIA - The water sowrer

Cia Mundu Rodá

Hiléia, a woman about to lose her sight, inherits a collection from her grandmother: bottled rivers that the elderly woman gathered throughout her life. In front of the collection, she creates an altar for the objects, and begins to worship them, until she is transported to a parallel reality in which she is no longer only human. With this poetic trigger in mind, the opening of the process will go through bodily, imagetic, and musical investigations that are still under construction.
Actress: Juliana Pardo
Musician on Stage: Alício Amaral
Directed by: Ana Cristina Colla
Assistant Director: Natacha Dias e Alício Amaral
Dramaturgist: Dione Carlos
Research and Music Creation: Alício Amaral and Amanda Martins
Musical Direction: Alício Amaral
Art Direction and Audiovisual Designer: Clara Mor
Scenographer: Wanderley Silva
Provocateurs (phase I): Daniel Munduruku, Patrícia Furtado and Adriano Sampaio
Body Preparation (Butoh): Yumiko Yoshioka
Vocal Training and Investigation: (phase I): Andrea Drigo and Letícia Goes
Production: Mari Pardo and Maju Tófulli
DURATION: 30 minutes 
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