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Involuntários da Pátria

Fernanda Silva e
Sonia Sobral

On the bank of the Parnaíba River, Sonia offered her the text and Fernanda devoured it like a cannibal. Performer and representative of so many involuntary people of the homeland, she moves Eduardo Viveiros de Castro's words in all directions, creating meanings with her body and voice for the anthropologist's text about the ongoing war against Brazil's indigenous people. Thus Viveiros de Castro's historic public lecture was transformed into Sonia and Fernanda's political-poetic gesture.
Conception, Creation, Direction: Sonia Sobral
Creation and Performance: Fernanda Silva
Text: Eduardo Viveiros de Castro | Pandemic Series, N-1 editions
Realization: Campo Gestão e Criação em Arte Contemporânea
DURATION: 30 minutes 
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