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Aline Mohamad, Diego Mesquita and Rodrigo França

Jorge forever see
"JORGE forever SUMMER" is a work that experiments with art as a possibility and healing process. It is not a biography, but an attempt to reconcile the biography of an artist, a character, a person and the society we live in. If you had the chance to enter a dressing room and have a chat with Jorge Verão Vera Laffond, what would you say? Would you open the door to this dressing room?
Original Text: Aline Mohamad and Diego Mesquita
Directed by: Rodrigo França
Assistant Director: Kennedy Lima
Cast: Alexandre Mitre, Aretha Sadick and Noemia Oliveira
Movement Direction: Tainara Cerqueira
Original Soundtrack: Dani Nega
Image Direction: Carolina Godinho
Lighting Design: Pedro Carneiro
Set Design: Rodrigo França e Wanderley Wagner
Costumes: Marah Silva
Makeup: Diego Nardes
Visual Programming: Filipe Celestino
Press Advisor: Marrom Glacê
Digital Marketing: Júlia Tavares
Executive Producer: Anne Mohamad
Production: Corpo Rastreado
Idealization: Aline Mohamad
DURATION: up to 70 minutes
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