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Mini-BiUs,BiLs, BiOs

Andreya Sá and Carlos Jordão

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Drawing on memories of mini-bixas, mini-travas, and n-beibes, as well as videos broadcast on Brazilian television (between the 1990s and 2000s), the opening proceedings bring situations that evoke primary school cisProfessors, woozy dad-and-mom domestic fights, and supposed Deizy's from music videos, which are re-signified in an almost childish game, where heels, lipsticks, and sheets, become small puffs to celebrate moments and defuse violence of the social norm.
Creation and acting by Andreya Sá y Carlos Jordão
Staging by Marina Mathey
Art direction by Bioncinha do Brasil
Narrations by Afonso Costa, Bioncinha do Brasil, Leonardo Birche, Léo Vasconcelos, Morgana Olívia Manfrin, Neon Cunha, Vinicius Bernardo, and Yuvita Gustinelli

DURATION: 80 minutes 
CLASSIFICATION: 16 years old
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