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Not she: what's good is always being destroyed

oliver olivia

A couple starts living together at the same time as one of them begins his gender transition process. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they live together incessantly because of their social isolation. In this play, both are on stage, and performative games with their text - a dramaturgy that was written in 2020 by the cis husband, at the beginning of the director's gender transition, and is now revisited in 2022, by the people they are today.
Conception, Direction and Performance: Oliver Olivia.
Text and Performance: Lucas Miyazaki
Dramaturgy: Antonio Salviano
Creative Provocation: Janaína Leite, Ave Terrena, Monica Montenegro and Kenia Dias
Light Operation: Morgana Olívia Manfrin
DURATION: 60 minutes
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