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FarOFFa is a collective of producers who create approximation actions, in various fields, according to their desires to speak, exist and transform. In this way, between the 24th and 27th of May 2021, a new edition is consolidated to focus on the convergences that these professionals bring about imagination, dream, future, and a desire – not utopian – to create and materialize ideas. The intention is that this meeting will bring together, in four days, about 100 producers and cultural thinkers from Brazil. The fruition of the meetings will take place on two platforms: on the 24th and 25th at Portal MUD and on the 26th and 27th of May at Plataforma Teatro .  



This Faroffa is, above all, an action designed by and from the point of view of production. It is the creation that starts from the point of view of the producers, of those who are in the backstage, of those who normally work for a Festival, a show, a show, for example, to happen. (23).png
The goal now, in this year 2021, is for the performing arts producers to get closer, not in person, but in ideas, strengthening creative thinking, the ability to design and imagine the necessary future.
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