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The Flipside of Skin

Beatriz Barros

The show "O Avesso da Pele" is the theatrical staging of the award-winning novel written by Jeferson Tenório. A poignant work in the panorama of new Brazilian literary fiction about identity and complex race relations, about violence and blackness. 
The story is told by Pedro, who, after the death of his father - a public school teacher murdered returning home from class in a disastrous police raid - decides to recover his family's past and retrace his paternal ways.
Cast: Alexandre Ammano Bruno Rocha, Marcos Oli and Vitor Britto
Original Text: Jeferson Tenório
General Direction: Beatriz Barros
Assistant Director: Vitor Britto
Dramaturgical Adaptation: Alexandre Ammano, Bruno Rocha, Beatriz Barros, Marcos Oli and Vitor Britto
Playwright: Bruno Lourenço
Musical Direction: Felipe Oládélè and João Neves
Body Preparation and Movement Direction: Isamara Castilho 
Costume Design: Augusto Ribeiro
Scenography: Carol
Sound Technician and Stage Manager: Luis Felipe Machado
General Production: Jennifer Souza
Production Assistant: Lord Ueno
DURATION: 40 minutes
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