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The Hybrid

Robson Catalonia

O_Hibrido_Foto_de_Tiago_Macambira (30).JPG
Created in 2018 during Robson Catalunha's artist residency at The Watermill Center, American director Bob Wilson's inspiration and performance laboratory in New York City, THE HYBRID sought inspiration from the series of portraits of human-botanical hybrids created by French photographer Cal Redback. Called Treebeard, the artist's work consists of humans metamorphosing into plants.
Director and Performer: Robson Catalunha
Technical Director: Bruno Lottelli
Art Director: Felipe Cruz 
Executive Producer and Production Director: Andressa Moreira
Sound Director: Renan Vasconcelos
Dramaturgist: Robson Catalunha
Body Preparation: Douglas Emílio 
Editor and Programmer: Eduardo Liron
Light Consultant: Roberto Gill Camargo
Art Team: Ketlyn Azevedo and Marcelo Simões
Production Assistant: Cau Peracio
Set Assistant: Luis Eduardo
Participants Cau Peracio, Mário Pérsico, Merlin Kern and Ketlyn Azevedo
Photography: Tiago Macambira
DURATION: 15 minutes
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