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A country goes colourless

Boat Company

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The people of a country between the mountains and the sea are taken by surprise at the Summer Solstice Fair when the New President rises to power without being elected. Gradually, the new government takes all the color out of the people's lives. The Painter, the Baker, the Florist, the Collector of Thoughts, the Fisherman, and the Witch will try to bring back the rainbow to their country. Loosely inspired by the work of Monika Feth.
Directed by: Barco Company
Cast: André Leite, Beatriz Porto, Cela Vianna, Dante Passarelli, Emilie Becker e Lucas Leite
Directed by: Cris Urbinatti
Dramaturgy: Ana Paula Lopez
Sound Designer: Guilherme Fiorentini
Musical Direction: André Leite
Musics: André Leite, Cela Vianna, Emilie Becker, Lucas Leite and Beatriz Porto
Press Agent: Carola González
Production: Thaís Venitt
Accessibility: Fernanda Brahemcha and Lucas Borba
DURATION: 65 minutes
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