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Leticia Sekito

Any tremor always frightens, whether of the earth or of the body. The earth trembles when it wants to settle in a new position, and this always generates strong consequences, sometimes true catastrophes, and the life of the places has to be rebuilt. When the body trembles it is not much different, micro-perceptions provoking changes in the whole system, which in order to survive has to adapt to the new condition.
Conception, General Coordination, Creation and Dance: Leticia Sekito
Dramaturgic Collaboration and Theoretical Interlocution: Fernanda Raquel
Provocation: Estela Lapponi
Light: Ligia Chaim
Soundtrack: Inés Terra
Costume Design: Joana Porto 
Photography and Video: Felipe Lwe
Body Preparation: Ivan Marcos Okyuama Sensei (Musubi no Kokyu-hô breathing) and Mara Guerrero and Mariza Virgolino (Pilates)
Graphic Design: Érico Peretta
Management: Vanessa Lopes
Production: Associação Corpo Rastreado_Danusa Carvalho
Cultural Support: Casa Líquida, Casa de Zuleika, CRD - Centro de Referência da Dança, Espaço Extranho, Espaço Tekoha, Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, Sala Mara Guerrero
DURATION: approximately 50 minutes
CLASSIFICATION: 16 years old
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