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ultraVioleta_s is a group composed of three women who work in different areas: actresses, managers, artistic directors, illuminators, video publishers and photographers. Interested in the intersection of different artistic languages, today they investigate the relationship between theater, art technology, programming, video art and video games. Thematically, the members are currently working on issues related to non-hegemonic forms of existence on Earth, whether they are human, vegetable or animal and the theme of work in line with digital surveillance, Big Data and Data Commons, to create their works.

But it all started very differently, the company started in 2007 called Academia de Palhaços at UNICAMP and for seven years researched the language of the clown and of Brazilian circus theater. In 2016, with the creation of the show Adeus, Palhaços Mortos, the group reinterpreted the plunge into popular theater and verticalized the intersection between theater and visual arts. In 2019, they created the show Há Dias Que Não Morro (There's days that I don't die) that unfolded the same aesthetic quest when discussing contemporary imprisonments and put on stage an unprecedented dramaturgy. The show debuted at the Antalya International Festival in Turkey and had its debut season in Brazil at Sesc Pompeia. With an international career marked also by participation in the World Stage Design in Taiwan, in 2017, in two other theater festivals in Turkey, in 2018, (Trabzon and Antalya) and some accumulated awards (Shell, APCA, Aplauso Brasil and others), the group seeks to provoke artistic ssures in everyday life that unbalance the viewer and remind them of their human condition. that unbalance the viewer and remind him of his human condition.

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