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We know that to make a good FAOFFA you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work, so, we count on this team/team/gang full of good spices to give a special flavor to your/our FAROFFA, without these farofeires on duty, this exchange that this project proposes would not be possible.

Alba Roque, Aline Mohamad, Anderson Nogueira, Ariane Cuminale, Bruno Portela
Daniele do Rosario, Danusa Carvalho, Dara Duarte, David Costa, Felipe Feldman, Fernando Pivotto
Flávio Rodrigues, Gabi Gonçalves, Gabriel Tunes, Gabs Ambròzia, Gisely Alves, Graciane Diniz
Jack Santos, Leo Devitto, Lud Picosque, Marcus Moreno, Monique Vaillé, Nathália Christine
Nayara Nunes, Pedro de Freitas, Pedro Wagner, Rafael Ferro, Rodrigo Fidelis, Tamara Andrade
Thaís Cris, Thaís Venitt, Valdir Rivaben and Wagner de Oliveira.
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