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Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha

Gabriela carneiro da cunha is an actress, director and researcher, who graduated in performing arts at Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras/CAL. In her theater career, she has worked with directors such as Felipe Vidal, Ivan Sugahara, Celina Sodré, Isaac Bernart, Pedro Brício, Diego de Angeli, Georgette Fadel e Ariane Mnouchkine. In cinema, she has worked as an actress and as a screenwriter. She is the creator of the project Margens – sobre rios, crocodilos e vaga-lumes, whose rst stage premiered in 2015 with the play Guerrilheiras ou para a terra não há desaparecidos, directed by Georgette Fadel. This second stage, about the Xingu river, was selected by the Faperj Scholarship to Encourage Artistic Creation, by the Funarte Scholarship for artistic formation andbyOiFuturo'sArtsônicaresidency. Intotal,fourriverswillbecontemplated: Araguaia, Xingu, São Francisco and Rio Doce.


Altamira 2042 - Teatro

Altamira o centro do mundo - Filme Documentário

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