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Renata Carvalho

Renata Carvalho - actress, director, playwright and transpologist. Graduating in Social Sciences.
In 2007 she became a Voluntary Prevention Agent by the Municipal Health Secretariat of Santos on STIs, HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis and started to work with travestis and trans women in prostitution. With her peers she gains travesti perception and transitions. As a Prevention Agent, for 11 years, she started studying and researching travesti and trans bodies, initially more focused on the health area. In addition to delivering supplies (condoms, gels, folders) in pornographic cinemas, prostitution streets, procuress' houses, squares, hotels, pensions, public restrooms, on the Wharf and street testings.
Participates in congresses, lectures, discussion groups, meetings and encounters across Brazil. In the theater, she no longer gets male roles, due to her femininity off the stage. In 2002 she founded Cia. Ohm de Teatro and moved on to directing shows. Her transition / perception happens with directing in 2007. In 2012, she returns to the stage as an actress, on the solo “Dentro de mim mora outra” (Inside me lives another), talking about her life and “travestilidade”.
Her research on travesti corporeality began to expand to the ar ts and she began to research stories, books, testimonies, news reports, biographies, lms, documentaries, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as academic and interdisciplinary works. This study, Renata calls "Transpologia" (Transpology), a Trans anthropology.
In 2016 debuts the solo “The gospel according to Jesus, Queen of heaven” playing Jesus of Nazareth and begins to receive attacks.
In 2017, she founded MONART (National Movement of Trans Artists) and created the “Trans Representativeness Manifesto” - which aims for trans artists to interpret trans characters and to include travesti and trans bodies in artistic creation spaces, and COLETIVO T (1st artistic collective formed entirely by trans artists).
“The gospel according to Jesus, Queen of heaven”, has already been censored ve times since its debut - twice judicially (cities of Jundiaí and Salvador) and three times for political-religious reasons (cities of Rio de Janeiro, Garanhuns and Recife). But what brings for th this hatred toward the travesti body?
The travesti body is covered with marks, legends, stigmas, stereotypes, pathology, criminalized, demonized, considered Godless, that corroborate the exclusion, shame, violence, mass incarceration, censorship and punishment of these experiences. Phenomena caused by the media and carnival related social construction that permeates the common sense imagery.
Manifesto Transpofágico (Transpophagical Manifest) aims to highlight, put on the agenda, in discussion, in debate, shed light on these issues. In the search for naturalization and humanization of these bodies. Transpophagical because Renata feeds on these issues, digests them, and returns / talks / screams / whispers in the form of an artistic manifesto from a travesti to and from the theater. Transpophagical Manifesto - the transpophagy of a transpologist's transpology.


Transpophagic Manifesto - Theater

Body your autobiography - Documentary Film

The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven - Theater

Public Domain - Theater

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